Current Rules

Office of Administrative Rules

Temporary and Proposed Rules

Docket No. 08-0202-0402 Computer Based Alternative Route To Teacher Certification (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0203-0402 Failure to Meet AYP (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0203-0403 Learning English Proficient Standards (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0203-0404 Annual Yearly Growth (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0204-0402 Rules Governing Public Charter Schools (PDF)

Proposed Rules

Docket No. 08-0202-0403 School Transportation (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0202-0405 Professional Standards (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0202-0406 Commercial Driving Schools (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0202-0407 Public Driving Schools (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0202-0408 Accreditation (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0202-0409 Payment Responsibility for Teacher Preparation Program Reviews (PDF)

Pending Rules

Docket No. 08-0108-0301 Alcohol Exceptions (PDF)

Docket No. 08-0203-0401 Adequate Yearly Progress Rule Flexibility (PDF)

Bylaws (PDF 205K)
Guidance Memorandums
Mandatory Health Insurance
Policies & Procedures Manual
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Strategic Plan
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